Outdoor LED billboard installation precautions, lighting factors are particularly important

Outdoor advertising is a type of advertising. Outdoor advertising is now the standard chosen by many businesses. In order to achieve better results, outdoor LED billboards are generally installed and illuminated by various lamps so that they can be used for publicity even at night. Effect. But when installing lamps and lanterns must be reasonable, and the surrounding environment must also be taken into consideration. Only in this way can it be beneficial to oneself without affecting others.

Outdoor LED billboard lighting mainly refers to LED lights. According to the area of outdoor LED billboards:

1"S"-shaped sign-billboards with an area of more than 250 square meters, such as super-large advertising towers distributed on the roofs of large buildings and roadsides;

2, "B" type signboards-billboards with an area between 21 square meters and 249 square meters, such as medium-sized billboards on the roof, side of the building, single-pillar billboards, etc.;

3, "P" type sign-billboard area between 1 square meter to 20 square meters, such as sidewalk light boxes, lamp post light boxes, telephone booths, car kiosks and other small billboards.

The use of outdoor LED billboards is now more popular. The general installation locations are in places with a lot of traffic. The first consideration when using lights here is whether it will cause some trouble to passing vehicles. The installation of some lights is very unreasonable. While illuminating the billboard, the lights also illuminate the road surface and the passing vehicles and pedestrians. At this time, there are certain risk factors. Because if there is a brighter light in the front, people’s eyes will temporarily lose their judgment or can’t see the road conditions ahead. In this state, it is easy to cause traffic accidents.

When installing lamps and lanterns, the best light is to illuminate the bottom right upwards, and the light must not reflect. As long as the billboard can be illuminated, there is no need to brighten it. It is strictly forbidden to illuminate downwards or have astigmatism; there are certain requirements when using lamps, no matter how yellow lamps are used, incandescent lamps and brighter lamps are best not to use, and some dazzling lamps are not allowed. use.

The use of outdoor LED billboard lights should not harm the interests of others, let alone disregard other factors for your own interests. There must be a reasonable plan before installation.

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