Is high brightness necessary for outdoor LED display?

Is high brightness necessary for LED display? The answer is absolutely yes. But do you know why? Here we would like to list three reason to help you understanding.

1. Direct sunlight will weaken the performance of the screen, the screen may not be as bright as expected. If the brightness is not high enough, the visiblity of images would be reduced, so would be advertising effect.

LED display in direct sunshine

2. The high brightness enhance visible distance. LED billboard could attract viewer even the LED screen installed in a far distance or on a very tall building.

Litestar LED display project 

3. The high brightness LED display could show good brightness even after several years of light attenuation. 

The high brightness solution is one of our most popular solutions on the outdoor market. Most of our American professional billboard and billboard customers require a high brightness solution. Recently Litestar has updated a ultra high brightness 10000nits solution for P6.67, P8 and P10 LED display. If you want to use this screen in outdoor advertising, our 10,000nit high brightness is a good choice for you.