What is the difference between the front maintenance LED display and the rear/back maintenance LED screen?

There are two LED display maintenance methods: the front maintenance / front serviced / front access / front entrance / front opening and rear maintenance/back maintenance.

It’s not a easy job for people to do the maintenance job with the LED displays which without maintenance room/ space behind the LED display, for example, wall embedded type LED screen, wall mounted type LED screen.

And we have front maintenance type LED display solution.

Front maintenance/front serviced LED module designed and front maintenance/front serviced LED cabinet/ LED panel designed,

When LED screen/LED display/LED signs occur any issues, we can do the checking job from the front side of the LED screen easily and simply.

Make the quick maintenance job, save time, save space and labors.

The rear maintenance way usually fits to the outdoor large format LED sign with maintenance space behind the LED sign and building roof type and son on.