Litestar attended NCE Trainning

In 2021, after a one-year postponement, Nova ushered in the annual NCE training in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Litestar was also invited to send some employees to study. It provided an opportunity to gain more skills and exchange more experience there. The ability to deal with pre-sales and after-sales will be greatly improved in this way.

What is NCE?

NCE is a certified engineer training program initiated by Nova worldwide, which aims to train professionals with strong technical level and strong comprehensive ability for the LED display industry.

What are the contents of NCE training?

Nova opened two training courses last two weeks, the first week is products studying and the second week is debugging practice.

1. Solution Course(products studying)

Nova's products are spread all over the world. Learning product knowledge can help us provide customers with better product solutions and bring more convenience and value to customers.

The content of each class is very rich. For us, the knowledge taught in the class needs to be digested, but the class is full of fun, and there are many questioning sessions, and the students are very active in answering. The whole process is easy and fulfilling.

2. Debugging Course

I believe that we will encounter some technical problems more or less in our work. It is very important to be able to find and solve problems in a timely manner, or to maintain active communication with customers on these problems. Whether it refers to pre-sales or post-sales, learning debugging skills can help customers solve problems more efficiently.

In this stage of training, a practical link has been added, and every time a knowledge point is finished, the trainees will be given time to practice.


      A test will be conducted at the end of each days course


      NCE Exam