Immersive experience, a new trend of application of LED displays

The digitalization process is accelerating, the rapid development of digital multimedia, and high-tech digital interactive creative exhibition items are increasingly used in the exhibition hall. Become the "new favorite".

With its large screen and high-definition resolution, the LED display has become the main display solution for creating immersive scenes. The LED display screen is integrated with the human-computer interaction system to create a vivid and lifelike environment, providing people with an immersive experience.

To achieve this immersive display experience, in addition to the advancement of LED display technology, the content industry also needs to be able to provide sufficient production, computing and storage capabilities. The large-screen project is sufficient to drive the development and progress of this industrial chain, and it also requires the development and progress of the entire industrial chain. In this regard, the LED display industry can fully integrate VR/AR, computer multimedia technology, and at the same time cooperate with the visual content industry to establish a new "display concept highland."

Currently, there are three types of experiences with the highest recognition rate in the Chinese market: immersive live entertainment, immersive new media art exhibitions, and immersive performances.